Cryogenic Valves


  • LNG storage, distribution, loading and unloading.
  • CO2 and nitrogen injection for enhanced oil recovery.
  • Petroleum refining and gas treatment skids.
  • Air separation plants.
  • LNG,LPG, CO2 and food trailers and carriers.
  • Fuel stations.
  • High purity cryogenic/gas systems.
  • Lyophilization systems.
  • Liquid and gaseous oxygen for steel production.

Cryogenic Valves

Valpres has developed a number of quality solutions for tough applications involving all types of cryogenic fluids; LNG, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. Our portfolio of cryogenic valves incorporates advanced technology and designs due to our innovative engineering team that has over 30 years experience working in this area. This line of product permits automatic or manual control of cryogenic fluids in the safest conditions, even for the operators and the environment. Valpres valves may be tested at cryogenic temperatures down to -196°C, in  compliance to the customers specifications.

Cryogenic Valves Range Table

Cryogenic Valves Temperatures Table

Cryogenic Valves Available Range

Size / Rating1″ 1/22″3″4″6″8″10″12″14″16″18″20″24″30″36″42″48″
  • Compliance with ASME B16.34, ISO 28921, BS 6364, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25, API 608, API 6D.
  • End to end dimensions to ASME 16.10, long pattern.
  • Gear operated starting from 6” 150# – 4” 300# – 3” 600# and up.
  • A variety of connections are available: flanged, screwed end, socket weld, butt weld.
  • Full austenitic stainless steel body and closure ensuring excellent impact strength, minimal heat loss and protection against corrosion.
  • P.T.F.E, P.C.T.F.E (Kel-F) or metal to metal seats (depending on the pressure rating and the operations required).
  • SS316/316L, XM-19 or 17-4 PH stems (depending on the service).
  • Extended bonnet, as a minimum according to BS6364 or ISO 28921.
  • Blowout proof stem.
  • Positive ball cavity relief and low operational torques. In floating ball valves this is normally achieved through a hole in the upstream side of the ball, causing the valve to be unidirectional, but Valpres has also designed a unique floating ball valve with bi-directional seats, self cavity relief, in order to overcome this limitation (feature available upon request).
  • Low emission stem sealing systems.
  • Firesafe design.
  • Accurate drying, cleaning and degreasing of all parts prior to shipping.

Two or three-piece construction makes it easy to assemble and install. It is versatile in application and simple to maintain.

The single piece forged body construction, allows access to the valve trim and makes the maintenance
operations possible while the valve is in line. Also, the risk of fugitive emission due to line bending loads is minimized with this design.

Incorporates all the main features of Valpres standard trunnion valves, such as:

  • Anti blowout stem.
  • Independent ball and stem.
  • Antistatic device.
  • Independent spring loaded seats, self cavity relief.
  • Soft or metal to metal seats.
  • Double block and bleed (if there is no requirement for pressure relief hole in the ball).
  • Firesafe design.

Single piece cast body construction (forged body is available on smaller sizes). This design is advisable when the valves are welded to the line, since the trim is accessible and the valve maintainable without removing it from the line.

This solution combines the feature of the side or top entry valves with the advantage of achieving an effective process isolation with one single valve assembly. The other advantages are:

  • Reduced overall weight.
  • Reduced installation costs and related piping costs.
  • Leak paths minimization.
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