CMO Knife Gate Valves


CMO Knife Gate Valves can be used in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Dams and hydrological projects
  • Energy generation
  • Food industry
  • Paper pulp industry
  • Water treatment

Bonomi UK are official CMO stockists of CMO Knife Gate Valves, holding UK stocks

Further CMO Knife Gate Valve Information

The Series A CMO Knife Gate Valves have a wafer design with one piece cast body and guides to support gate and seat wedges. They provide high flow rotes with low pressure drop and various seat and packing materials are available. Face to face dimension is in accordance with CMO Valves standard. An arrow is marked on the body to indicate the flow direction. This CMO knife gate valve is suitable for liquids that contain a maximum of 5% suspended solids. If it is used for dry solids in gravity feed applications it should be installed with the arrow on the body pointing in the opposite direction to the flow.