Bonomi UK Ltd has added the Valpres Deadman Spring Return Lever into its product portfolio.

The product is suited for use in applications where, for safety reasons, it is imperative that a valve cannot be left in the open position by the operator. The valve will automatically close immediately the handle is released, thereby ensuring that safety is maintained should the operator become incapacitated or forget to close the valve.

The lever can also be set to spring to the open position when released if required by the customer. In addition, the Deadman Spring Lever also incorporates a locking slot which can be employed to prohibit operation by an unauthorised person.

Available through the company’s UK based Actuation Centre, the lever offers easy assembly in conjunction with Bonomi’s range of full-bore stainless-steel ball valves with ISO 5211 Pad and DIN 3337 stem.

Suitable for use with valve sizes from 1/2” (DN15) to 2” (DN50), the lever’s heavy-duty design means it can withstand use in a wide variety of working environments.